Steve Baskin

Steve Baskin is an executive marketer who spent the past twenty years on virtually every side of the marketing table in some of the world’s largest and smallest companies.  He has led award-winning marketing efforts in environments as diverse as financial services, real estate, music and technology and has worked with dozens of top global brands.

Most recently, Steve held leadership positions at ING.  When Steve first arrived at ING he led development of ING’s unique US brand positioning and award-winning advertising campaign as Head of Advertising and Head of Brand Development.  His program was awarded an Effie – the top US award for marketing effectiveness.

As Head of Strategic Sponsorships, Steve built ING’s US sponsorship program, which included a running sponsorship platform, music sponsorship and motorsports programs in the Western hemisphere.  His programs were awarded the Grand Ex and Ex Awards as the best overall activation of a sponsorship program in the US and ING was named one of the country’s top 20 sponsors.

Steve is currently is a member ofthe Board of Directors for Running USA and serves as a board member for Tribe – an Atlanta marketing firm.  He has served as an Editorial Advisory Board member for Event Marketer Magazine.

Steve is a husband, dad, musician, and triathlete. His is also the CEO of YAVAY.


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