Yoeri Geerits

Yoeri began his career as a trader for ING’s Investment Management division in Belgium.  Since then Yoeri has been circling the globe in various marketing and sponsorship jobs for ING Group and for his own company, threesixtythree.

As Head of Sponsoring for ING Canada, Yoeri managed the company’s running and Olympic team sponsorships.  ING then brought Yoeri back to Europe to lead the company’s global sponsorship evaluation efforts at ING’s headquarters in Amsterdam, which resulted in ING’s entry into Formula One sponsorship.  Sponsorship magazines have recently considered this program as one of the most successful sponsorships in history.

After the F1 program launched, Yoeri moved to Hong Kong as Head of Sponsorships for ING Asia overseeing activation of programs as diverse as F1, running and the arts.

Most recently, Yoeri founded and ran threesixtythree, a marketing and sponsorship consultancy whose clients include WinSport Canada, Alpine Canada and AltaGas among others.

Yoeri Geerits is the President/COO of YAVAY, a new global technology company for the sponsorship industry.


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