Building a sponsorship proposal – 5 tips


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Putting together a good sponsorship proposal is not an easy task but with some good preparation you will not only please potential sponsors; but also learn a lot about your own property. Here are some key pointers to keep in mind.

  1. You’re looking for an investor: think of a sponsor as an investor in your business. The return the sponsor is looking for is translated in benefits. Approach your presentation with this mindset and it will set the stage for good conversations with potential sponsors. They will appreciate your business-like and professional approach!
  2. Know your product: whether you are an athlete, an event or federation, you need to understand your business offering.  Demographics, media and a deep understanding of your commercial rights.
  3. Use images, video whenever possible – you know the saying… a picture is worth a thousand words. Think about how many words you can save by using strong, relevant and beautiful pictures that describe your ‘asset’.
  4. Be open to understand: make it obvious that you are keen to learn what the interested sponsor is looking for. It’s easy to put certain sponsorship benefits in a Gold or Silver level sponsorship but it’s much more important to listen what the sponsor really wants. Wouldn’t it be a darn shame losing interest because you think too much in sponsorship levels that come with a specific set of benefits?
  5. To price or not to price? You need to have a very good understanding what kind of ‘investment’ you are looking for. But don’t make the common mistake by not understanding your competitors from an offering and pricing POV. Lots of organizations and people are looking for sponsorship dollars. Again, make it clear you are open to have a conversation with the potential sponsor. Generate a reason to engage!

YAVAY allows you to build professional presentation, to send them around electronically and it’s easy to keep them current. But most importantly you know your proposal will be in front of the corporate decision makers when they’re looking for new opportunities.

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